Perpetual Path is a short art film by Maxim Zhestkov about the dialogue and tension between
nature and technology, sound and silence, organic and artificial. Inspired by the visual language
of nature, architecture and technology, the film conveys a story about the inevitable transformation
of old principles through the irresistible force of time.

Behance: Perpetual Path

Design and Animation by Maxim Zhestkov /
Sound by Combustion /



Sound Design. "We already have a long time partnership with Maxim Zhestkov, which allowed us to achieve new
standards to our work. The projects always pushed for something new. Now with „Perpetual Path“ we had the same
challenge, but this time we wanted something more. Teaming up Combustion with Icaro Ferre, we started developing
proper instruments with Max/MSP to use in the project. It also brought us new ideas that will become new software
for future projects. The visuals from "Perpetual Path“ gave us some possibilities to explore random process also with
Reaktor patches, to create new textures to sync with the flashing lights and such." / Marcelo Baldin –