Maxim Zhestkov is a visual artist and motion designer.
His main passions are animation, design and cinematography which he combines for
clients around the globe including Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Fox, MTV, IDEO, etc.

Along with his professional career he is always trying to shift the boundaries of visual language
through his short films. He studied architecture and got a master's degree in graphic design and fine art.
Working on films, advertisements and in the design industry he explores the new frontier of art, 
technology and design and is always looking for a new challenges.

For work / commissions:

For public speaking and press enquires:

Articles / Publications: 

Motionographer. USA. 2017
Stash. USA. 2017
Colossal. USA. 2017
Booooooom. Canada. 2017
Designboom. USA. 2017
Hypebeast. USA. 2017
Champ Magazine. United Kingdom. 2017
Various Artists. United Kingdom. 2017
Creators. United Kingdom. 2017
The Collective Podcast. 2017
The Creators Project. United Kingdom. 2016
The Creators Project. United Kingdom. 2015
Theory and Practice. Russia. 2011
Motionographer. USA. 2010
Creative Review. United Kingdom. 2009
Dazed & Confused. United Kingdom. 2009
Computer Arts. United Kingdom. 2008 Canada. 2008
Stash Magazine. USA. 2008
Stash Magazine. USA. 2007 / Adobe. 2007

Festivals / Conferences / Screenings:

CANAL+. France. 2017
Digital Decade. United Kingdom. 2017
Gogolfest. Ukraine. 2017
London Sketchbook Festival. United Kingdom. 2017
Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. China. 2016
Resonate festival. Serbia. 2016
Sapporo International Film Festival. Japan. 2016
Onedotzero festival. United Kingdom. 2016
Computer graphics conference / CGEvent. Russia. 2016
The Annual Innovation forum "Innovative Russia – 2020". Russia. 2011
TEDx Tomsk conference. Russia. 2011
British higher school of art and design. Russia. 2011
Computer graphics conference / CGEvent. Russia. 2009
Onedotzero festival. United Kingdom. 2009