Let me share some ideas about polygon modeling in Houdini with you.
So, long story short - it’s awesome! This is so crazy that you have the ability to spend hours, days or even weeks working on a model and then scroll back into beginning of your process and change something which will immediately bring changes into the final result, or you could delete some bevels or additional elements, which you added yesterday, and your model will immediately respond for this change. It’s like the time machine - you could rewind your life and try to skip some events and immediately see the result.
I love the idea of working with always unmerged layers (if we could create an analogy with photoshop). You could create the whole project and still have the ability to control everything - even from the very beginning! Learning a new software is always a challenge, but Houdini is the different kind of beast. It’s so technically looking and has a crazy geeky vibes that I tried to keep away from it for a 5 years… but when I finally tried to work in it I was totally blown away from the concept of node modeling.
Sure, animation is a different layer of awesomeness, but this post only about modeling! :)